The Best Wedding Photo Sharing App in 2021

June 5, 2021

Congratulations — you’re getting married! May your big day be as full of love and laughter as your upcoming nuptials. We know your plate runneth over with vendors to hire and plans to lay. Your wedding day is going to be one of the most special days of your life and, of course, you want to capture every moment. So, in the day of smartphones and wireless cameras, what’s a great way to gather and deliver the best shots of your event in real time from the photographer you hire and those taken by your guests?

If this were your mom and dad’s wedding, you’d probably be placing disposable cameras on every table. However, in the digital age, every guest has a high resolution camera in their pocket. Your wedding guests will be snappin’ the best photos, rest assured — you just need to make it easy for everyone to share those photos of all your special moments to a single wedding gallery. 

Expectations around your professional photos have also changed a lot over the past decade. It was common back in the day to wait 2 – 3 months for a look at your photos. Of course, the last thing you want when you get back from your bliss-filled honeymoon, completely relaxed, is dealing with Aunt Elma nagging for the family photos from your special day that your professional photographer took. This is where a great wedding photo-sharing app comes in. 

What better way to streamline the joy of a wedding album than to remove the hassle of hunting and pecking for pictures, nagging folks for photos, and fending off family and guests looking for pics? 

Let’s take a look at the best wedding photo-sharing app for 2021!

What is the best way to share and recieve wedding photos?

When you think about your wedding, you don’t just think about the ceremony. Rather, you think about the events leading up to the ceremony as well — the engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the showers, the rehearsal dinner, and the events following the ceremony, including the reception and the family brunch. 

All these events will have candid moments you’ll cherish. You’re not likely to have your professional photographer at all of them and, let’s be honest, your photographer can’t be everywhere at once, even at your wedding and the reception. This is where a wedding photo app comes into play. You can mobilize your friends and family, easily crowdsource photos from everyone, and effortlessly share them all.

We all know how futile it is trying to pry photos out of wedding guests after the big day — “Hey, can you text me those photos?”, “Can you Airdrop it to me? Oh, you have an Android?”, “Just email me a link to your Dropbox once you’ve uploaded them.” “Maybe you have some flash drives you can share?” “Let’s put it all on a Google Drive!”

Can you say broken promises? 

We’ve all been there. 

And we all know there has to be a different way of doing all this.

This is why having a wedding photo app that works for Apple, Android, and web users is so important.

So, which app should I use for my wedding pics and why?

Which app out there is the easiest to use, the most fun, and one my guests will enjoy?. 

Say hello to Waldo!

Waldo has taken photo sharing to the next level. Waldo is an AI-powered photo-sharing platform that combines iOS, Android, and web and is powered by facial recognition to delight your guests by delivering all photos of them directly to their phones and will give you a way to easily collect all the candid photos snapped.

How can it help with your wedding photo sharing?

Waldo’s wedding package, WaldoWed, provides you with unlimited albums and 100GB of cloud storage, easy text or QR code-based for all your guests to contribute and receive the photos they take of your special day. Your guests can share photos from your ceremony and your photographer can quickly share the professional photos with everyone, all in one easy to use app (like 8k -star review easy)!

How does Waldo work?

Waldo’s wedding photo-sharing app is the easiest way to gather all the photos from your wedding events and automatically deliver everyone the photos they’re found in!

For $199.99, you get unlimited wedding photo albums (start early and use it for your engagement party), and an unlimited number of guests can join via text message or the free app. Each wedding photo gallery comes with a personalized join code for easy text or app-based joining by your guests, a QR code and link you can add to your wedding website or post to social media and the ability to add a custom watermark of your beautiful wedding logo as an overlay to each photo.

All you have to do is name your gallery and choose which events you want to create albums for (you can always add more later!) and share your personalized QR code or sign-up link with your guests. Then sit back and let Waldo do the work, so you can enjoy looking at all the photos captured by the bridal party, groomsmen, family and friends having so much fun on your special day!

Why is this better than a hashtag or a free photo-sharing app?

There are many reasons why using a wedding photo-sharing app like WaldoWed is far better than a hashtag or a free photo-sharing app.

For starters, couples — on average — only get to see about 5 percent of the photos that are taken at their wedding. Why not beat the odds and see all your guests’ photos in one, centralized photo album?

Second, not every couple wants to use a public social network. If you’d rather not have strangers looking at your wedding photos — preferring, instead, to keep the photos of the best parts of your wedding amongst your nearest and dearest — there’s no better way to do that than with a photo sharing app like Waldo. 

But if you’re a couple that likes to post on social media, Waldo is great for you, too! With the ability to auto-populate a hashtag of your choosing on all photos shared to Facebook, you can create a beautiful hashtag feed in near real-time as guests are uploading and sharing photos with one another.

However, using a hashtag alone for photo sharing has its downsides – the impact of a hashtag diminishes over time as others post, so your photos will eventually disappear. With Waldo, you’ll have the best of both worlds – being able to set a hashtag that’s shared with all posts and you’ll always have access to your photos.

Most important of all – Waldo automates your photo sharing! You and your guests simply upload any photos taken, which form a beautiful web album, and are automatically shared with all your guests – no more waiting weeks and hoping you get to see your favorite photo from the big day!

Last but not least, Waldo is platform-agnostic. No more worrying about sharing photos from Android to Apple or to laptops, desktops, or tablets — Waldo’s got you covered, and with 5-star rated apps, your browsing experience will be great!

We already have a photographer, so why do we need Waldo?

Waldo will help you get more value from your photographer’s photos as they will all be automatically shared with your guests. Taking you out of being put in the middle between your family and friends and your photographer. 

And Waldo will allow you to easily gather all the candid moments through your guests’ eyes as well as delight your guests by delivering all the photos back to them. 

Waldo will make it easier for your photographer to deliver photos to your guests — no more having to email out links for sharing those beautiful wedding pics and forcing everyone to hunt and peck. 

Don’t have a photographer? No worries. You can also use Waldo to mobilize all your guests into your own personal paparazzi!

What if I don’t have everyone’s contact info?

You likely don’t have all your wedding guests’ personal contact info – but not to worry, Waldo makes that a breeze.

With this mobile app, guests will either text in your custom join code or scan a QR code to quickly sign up. In addition to easily shared links, your Waldo gallery comes with printable signs and a table card template with your custom QR code for you to place in a prominent place, allowing everyone to use their mobile devices to share pictures of all your wedding events. With everyone being able to easily share their photos in your Waldo gallery, you can relive every part of your wedding and share the wonderful memories with everyone!

This all sounds great! How do I get started?

Download the Waldo Photos app or visit and purchase your gallery! If you have any questions, we’re here to help you make your special day the best day ever!