Gather and share video messages with your Video Guestbook

Easily gather 30-second video messages from friends & family.
Perfect for weddings & memorials!

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Wedding Video Guestbook

Collect well wishes from your wedding guests.

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Memorial Video Guestbook

Compile a video montage tribute to commemorate a loved one.

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30-second video messages turned into a memorable video slideshow

Automatically string all the heartwarming video messages from friends & family into a video slideshow that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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Easily gather videos through printable venue QR signage

Print beautiful signage for others to scan and easily add their video message to your Video Guestbook!

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Add a personal touch with your own greeting video!

Make your invitations up close and personal with your very own Waldo greeting video.

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Create your own Video Guestbook today:

Wedding Video Guestbook

Collect 30-second good wishes from the people you love the most.

Memorial Video Guestbook

Commemorate a loved one with a video montage from friends and family.

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