Wedding Photo Inspiration: How to Make Your Ideas Come to Life

October 7, 2022
Wedding Photo Inspo

As your wedding approaches, you have no doubt already sorted out a photographer and maybe a videographer for the event. Having a professional handle the documentation of your big day can free you up to enjoy it. However, just because you have your photographer ready to go does not mean that you are done.

One major part of your wedding planning will be setting a schedule for the big day. It is important for both you and your guests to know when to arrive, when the ceremony starts, and when it is time to go home. Getting all the photos you want on your wedding day can be time-consuming, especially if you haven’t given much thought to the actual content of the photos. That is why you should make a schedule for your photos and plan their content in advance.

Wedding Photo Must Haves

The first part of this process should be sitting down with your partner to plan out the pictures you know you want. It could be recreating a scene from one of your favorite movies like the infamous Darth Vader choke, or it could be something more traditional like the “first look” shot. You could also plan photos that have special significance to your relationship. Maybe you are able to recreate your favorite inside joke or a special moment. No matter what style you and your partner are going for, it is important to at least know your must-haves for the big day.

Once you have your list, you should take a moment to consider what, and more importantly who, is involved in each shot. Herding the wedding party to the photo shoot can be tough. If you already know which photos you want taken solo or with just your partner, you knock those out while a helpful member of the wedding party does the herding for you.

Photo Props

Whether you want to use sparklers or smoke bombs, it is important to ensure you have everything you need from the prop closet. Here, it can be helpful to refer back to the list of photos you and your partner made. This list should contain the items that you need to bring for each photo, and if it does, then you should add those in. This doesn’t just have to be the pyrotechnics, but could include things like your favorite sports jersey or maybe a furry friend. 

One trendy picture to get on your wedding day is a close up of the bouquet. Having to pause between each picture to get the necessary props can cause delays, which could leave your guests frustrated or maybe even hungry if they are waiting to eat. Having your props prepped and ready can help you get the photos taken the way you envisioned them without having to keep anybody waiting.

💡Pro Tip:

If your wedding photos do involve some pyrotechnics, bring at least two lighters. Depending on the weather forecast, it could even be smart to bring waterproof matches!

Capture Candid Moments

It can be difficult, maybe impossible, to play candid moments to capture. But, candid photos can be some of the most fun and endearing to see after. How can you make sure these moments are also seen?

A good idea can be to go over the wedding plan with your photographer. If they know that you plan to make a grand entrance or will surprise everyone with some new dance moves, then they can be ready to capture reactions. It could be helpful to think of yourself as planning the choreography of a dance. Just as you would want your lighting and sound crew on the same page, you also want your photographer to be in step with you. 

Being able to capture the surprise of your guests when you hit the splits for the first time will make the extra planning and coordination well worth it! Plus, when your photographer knows what is about to happen, they can already be in position for the perfect shot.

The Wedding Photos You Can’t Plan

While the extravagant photo of you and your new spouse will look great, it is also important to try and capture as many angles as possible. One way people often do this is with disposable cameras. These can be easily distributed throughout the event, and once the night is over all you have to do is get them developed.

However, these cameras do not take the best quality photos, and you will be relying on your guests’ ability to use the camera. The majority of smartphones today take pictures at a rather high quality, and it is likely that many of your guests will have one. The only problem is that it can be easy to forget about the camera in your pocket in all the excitement of the event. 

If you want to opt for this alternative to the disposable camera, you should make an effort to encourage and remind your guests to take pictures. Whether you include it in the invite or make an announcement, it is a good reminder to your guests. Not to mention, it also makes the event more interactive and engaging for everyone!

Collect The Photos After

Whether you opt for disposable cameras or having your guests use their phones, you will need to have a plan for collecting the photos. You should find a way to clearly communicate the plan to your guests, preferably in writing, before the celebration gets going. The end of the night is the wrong time to try to get people to remember an email address. One good strategy for this is to include the instructions where the guests pick up the disposable camera, or perhaps on the placecards or in the wedding program. Alternatively, you can use a photo sharing app like WaldoWed to make sharing easier for your guests.

Wedding Photo Collection With WaldoWed

The Waldo Photos app offers many features that can help you streamline a large portion of your wedding photos. It can provide a QR code and easy SMS joining for your guests so that they can use their phone to take and submit pictures. No app download required. This means you don’t have to hound anyone for months after the ceremony to get that perfect photo you know they took. 

In addition to taking care of the collecting for you, the Waldo Photos app also comes with a Video Guestbook, Smart Slideshows, and automated photo delivery to your guests. Just as easily as you upload your files, you can download and distribute them, turn them into thank you cards, and even create slideshows to relive the whole event!

No Matter The Scene, Have A Plan

No matter how you plan to document your wedding day, it is incredibly important to have a plan and to keep everyone on the same page. Being ready for each of the photos on your must-have list will help make sure you have plenty of time to get the best shots you can. The Waldo Photos app is a great way to collect and store all your heartwarming candid shots, so you can focus on enjoying every moment!Check out the Waldo Photos website or reach out through the contact page to learn more.