WaldoEvents Canva Templates

Congrats, your Gold event provides unlimited access to these premium Canva templates. Let your creativity shine!

Easily mix and match

All templates are available in every style.

Flyer / Sign

8×5″ x 11″

Display your QR code anywhere

Table Tents

8.5″ x 11″ (2/sheet)

Convenient photo upload from your guest tables

Template FAQs

Do I need Canva Pro to use these templates?

No. You do not need Canva Pro. All WaldoWed Canva templates are 100% free to use. Simply follow the template link and create a free Canva account.

Are there pre-generated QR code signs? Do I need to use Canva?

WaldoWed automatically generates QR code flyers and table tents directly in the app. These Canva templates are a 100% optional DIY.

Where do I find my QR code in the Waldo Photos app?

Your custom QR code can be found in the bottom shelf on mobile and in the right shelf on desktop.

Can I change the templates?

Absolutely! All WaldoWed Canva templates are fully customizable. You can change anything, add elements, remove elements, and even resize all from Canva.