6 Wedding Trends That Are Everywhere in 2023

September 4, 2022
The 6 Wedding Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2023-min

Over 2.4 million – that’s the number of U.S. couples tied the knot in 2022! So, not surprisingly, this year will see a complete wedding trend revamp.

From breaking good ol’ traditions to keeping the planet happy – weddings this year are set to unfold with unique creativity, warm experiences, and never-before-explored designs. 

While trends bring in a sense of freshness to your wedding style, don’t forget that you’re the sole trendsetter of your big day. If you’ve already brewed some beautiful ideas in your mind, don’t hesitate to unleash them at your wedding. 

That said, let’s take a trip through the wedding trends of this year!

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Who Needs Tradition?

The weddings of 2023 are all set to shift the spotlight from “tradition” to “individuality”. 

Undeniably, the past two years had a massive impact on the way wedding trends would unfold this year. Instead of a regular weekend wedding, we’re now seeing more micro weddings followed by larger parties. Some couples are even opting for weekday weddings. 

From bold and whimsical wedding gowns to no gown at all – brides are choosing attires that are more experimental in style. Couples are choosing to let their personality reflect in their weddings instead of following the regular wedding manual. 

In short, you can see the non-traditional weddings of 2023 as a blank canvas with you deciding what the final picture should look like.

Straight From Pop Culture

While themes from popular pop cultures have long since added their charms to weddings – one particular Netflix breakout hit has become the ultimate wedding star this year.

We’re talking about “Bridgerton” – the British drama that flaunts perfect, made-for-wedding elements like puffed sleeves, Prussian blue tones, opulent decor, and lots of bows. Weddings inspired by “Bridgerton” come with larger-than-life ballrooms with a regal décor complementing the blues. Brides can wrap themselves in empire-waist gowns and a pair of dainty teardrop earrings.

For more ideas on this trend, feel free to binge-watch the series during a cozy afternoon. And if you have other period-drama themes you’d like to bring to your wedding, don’t hesitate to go for it!

An Enhanced Guest Experience

Many couples this year are focused on offering a warm and thoughtful guest experience. From surprising the guests with pop-up performances to offering artsy gift bag items to crafting personal welcome notes – couples want to ensure guests depart from the wedding weekend feeling warm and cared for. The goal of this trend is to promote a sense of connection among the guests alongside keeping them invested in the celebrations.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are extremely special. The possibility to travel to a new country, city, or just about any destination can be an enriching experience for both the couple and the guests. In fact, two years of travel deprivation (thanks to the pandemic) has made destination weddings a particularly valuable trend.

A great way to ensure your guests enjoy the wedding and travel experience would be to get your wedding planner to put together fun weekend activities for your guests. For instance, you create recommended sea adventures, cultural explorations, or a food tour within the destination location you choose.

Planet-Friendly Celebrations

From earthy textures to dry and artistic flower arrangements – it’s incredible how the need for sustainability has brought about some of the most unique (and gorgeous) trends in weddings.

Sustainable weddings include online invitations and save-the-dates, a vendor working with eco-friendly productions, and the recycling of the wedding flowers that their special day leaves behind. Many couples go for a vegan food menu for a greener wedding.

Couples who orchestrate green weddings also believe in hiring local creatives and supporting the community where they host their big day.

The WaldoWed Photography Trend

While most people don’t notice it, the photography arena of weddings needs a major upgrade. 

Simply put, your wedding is going to leave behind a mountain of photos. These photos will need hours of hunting and pecking to organize and share with the guests. And when you’re basking in your post-nuptial glow, the last thing you want is the pandora’s box of messages from relatives asking for their wedding photos. 

This is where WaldoWed can save the day. WaldoWed allows your guests to order the photos they want instantly, so you don’t have to manually send specific photos to everyone. In addition, WaldoWed also lets guests add their contributions of photos to your gallery, so you don’t miss a single moment. 

Wedding Slideshow

WaldoWed’s wedding slideshows are another game-changer. They can brighten up your reception by letting guests add meaningful photos. This turns a regular slideshow into an interactive one with a lot more laughter, tears of happiness, and treasured memories. 

Wondering how you can bring the Waldo trend to your wedding? Get to know more about this wedding moments savior here.