Wedding Memories: Get More Wedding Photos

June 22, 2022
Richer Wedding Memories You’ll Cherish for a Lifetime

Most couples don’t take an active role in planning how their wedding will be memorialized. What they will have when the flowers have wilted, the rice has been blown off the sidewalk, and the beer cans removed from the getaway car. The common practice is to hire a professional photographer and consider the “memories box” on the to-do list checked.

But in today’s world, with surprisingly little effort, you can come away with much richer memories from everyone’s point of view —including photos, videos, and classic comments and reactions to them— while also more easily sharing your professional photos with everyone via the convenience of an app.

Journey through the blog below to see how you can Waldo-fy your big day and have rich memories that you’ll cherish forever!

Never Miss A Memory With Digital Photo Gallery

Waldo allows guests to upload photos to your wedding albums in real-time. Simply share your QR code with the guests so they can capture and add special wedding moments to your galleries. We know how important it is for you to lock every memory that unfolds at your wedding. Unless your photographer has the superpower of magically appearing and capturing every sweet or hilarious moment from your wedding, chances are, you’re going to miss a LOT of memories.

You may be cherishing your wedding dance, but somewhere in the hall, your grandpa might surprise everyone with his cool grooves. With your photographer’s sole focus on you, another guest can simply snap this adorable grandpa moment and upload it right to the gallery so you can visit it whenever you want.

Share and Receive Heartfelt Greetings with Video Guestbook

Weddings are hands down one of the most emotional events for couples and guests alike. Waldo’s video guestbook is the digital space where most emotion-infused moments come to life.

Waldo’s video guestbook gives you the freedom to record a heartfelt greeting for your guests. Whether it’s your bestie taking you on a nostalgic trip to high school memories or your overly emotional aunt Carol who’s drowning in happy tears because you’re getting married – every guest can record their 30-second clips to make your big day even more meaningful. 

In addition, not every guest is enthusiastic about standing up and giving a speech. But most of them would value the opportunity to send their best wishes your way through videos! With greetings of hope and love, funny little tales dug up from your past, or a generous collection of teary-eyed greetings for the future – Waldo’s wedding video guestbook will help you carry a precious memories souvenir. Forever.

The Best Is Yet to Come with Live Slideshows

When you’re upgrading every (literal and metaphorical) inch of your wedding, it makes no sense to leave the wedding slideshows behind. A typical slideshow would include an assortment of memories associated with the bride and the groom. Sure, the sentiment behind it is beautiful and it (kind of) brings in some emotional weight with it. But, to what extent does it involve the guests in it?

What if, instead of a regular slideshow, you could bring in the LIVE factor where guests could upload some meaningful photos in real-time? Waldo’s Live Slideshow lets guests have an interactive experience by adding photos of your wedding journey, so everyone gets to have a beautiful experience.

No More Post-Wedding Headaches with Automated Photo Delivery

Imagine: you’re now happily married, and you’re out conquering the world with your love by your side. Beep! You notice several texts asking for updates about the wedding photographs. Now, you probably have about a million photographs from your weddings, and each guest looks forward to the photographs in which they appear. Aunty Mabel, especially, isn’t exactly great with technology but can’t wait to receive some of your photos. The most logical thing you’ll most probably end up doing would be to drown in the ocean of photographs and find some pics of her after a 3-hour hunt. Now, imagine doing this for most of your guests.

This is where Waldo comes to your rescue with its magical Face Recognition feature. Once guests upload their pictures, Waldo detects, matches, and sends the photos to guests who appear in them. The result? Your very precious time is saved, and your guests are happier than ever!

To Sum Up

In a nutshell, Waldo is the photo revolution you might want to join if you’re looking to amp up your wedding photography game!

Facial recognition, ease of photo upload, and swiftness of photo delivery are just a few of the many darlings Waldo brings to the wedding photography table. The app drop ships customized photo prints to anyone who orders! Waldo also boasts effortless photo management. You can create several wedding albums and even control who can view each album. The best part about the app is the near real-time and automated photo delivery, so everyone gets to cherish their photographs from the wedding without having to wait for over a month! Ready to join the Waldo revolution? Explore WaldoWed right here!