Share & Gather Your Wedding Photos Easily

September 19, 2022
How to Share Wedding Photos Efficiently and Effectively

Getting to see and share the pictures from your wedding is a fun time to relive all those special moments. However, with so many options available for sharing, which one do you choose? You can email them to your guests, send some through text, or you could also create a massive photo album on Facebook and tag as many of your guests as you can. While these are all fine on their own, they can either be too time consuming or feel a bit impersonal. Most likely, the best option for sharing these moments is a combination of platforms. In this blog, we are going to take a look at how you can effectively share your wedding photos in a way that makes your guests happy and that doesn’t take all of your free time following the ceremony. 

Social Media is Great for Reach

You likely have at least one social media account that you regularly use, or maybe just one that you remember the login for and can still access. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, or even Pinterest can be great places to post larger collections of your pictures. Since it is not intended for any single person, you won’t have to worry about finding just the right picture or adding a personal caption. 

Instead, your social media album can be a way to share your wedding photos with a broad audience that includes people who either couldn’t make it or weren’t invited. Guests and non-guests alike will be able to enjoy the pictures, and, depending on the platform, you can also change settings to control who can view the album. This way, acquaintances or colleagues can enjoy them, and your guests can flip through for a quick profile picture update without having to hassle you. 

Get Personal with Physical Mail

It doesn’t get more personal or thoughtful than printing out a few choice pictures and mailing them to one of your guests with a handwritten thank you note. Depending on the size of your wedding, this could take you the better part of your first year of marriage. But, just because it is not realistic to do this for every single guest doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do any at all. 

The majority of the wedding pictures you will share will likely be shared digitally. While it is increasingly common for people to be connected in some fashion to the internet and technology, it is important to be mindful of those who are not. While your social media album can be used for its reach, you should consider this traditional approach for those without digital access or capabilities. In addition, Statista reports that 41% look forward to just checking their mailbox everyday, so imagine how nice a surprise your card and pictures would be! A postcard in the mail is a super adorable and touching way to send out your favorite wedding photos to the people you love the most.

Email as a Middle Ground

Email can be a nice middle ground between sending out handwritten cards and uploading a massive social media album. The nice part about email is that you can easily send the same message to several of your guests with just the pictures and greetings changed. Email is also a convenient and easy way to share your wedding with friends or family who were unable to attend the ceremony for whatever reason. While it doesn’t give the same personal feeling and excitement that receiving physical mail does, sending out photos through email is still a good way to acknowledge your guests and share the special moments with them. 

Depending on how tech savvy you are, there are many ways to automate emails. However, you should be sure to double check that you haven’t accidentally set up your program to send the same picture of your cousin to all of your wedding guests. Email can be a great way to share your wedding pictures with your guests in a more personal way than social media, but in a way that is quicker than handwritten cards.

Wedding Photo Apps: WaldoWed

While the handwritten card is irreplaceable, there are now apps that can share your wedding pictures. These apps vary in price and capabilities, but their goal is largely to collect and share the moments from your wedding with all your guests. WaldoWed by Waldo Photos offers a combination of personalization and automation that can efficiently sort and distribute your wedding photos for you. 

What makes the WaldoWed experience unique for your guests is that they not only can have pictures sent directly to their phones, but they can also contribute to the wedding photo album. By using your QR code or SMS code, your guests can upload pictures they take during the ceremony or reception quickly and easily. This way, you can experience your wedding day from multiple angles, and you can see endearing candid shots of your loved ones. 

While you likely won’t trust your friends and family to take all the pictures at your wedding, allowing them to upload photos from their phones with the Waldo Photo app will provide you with a unique way to remember the special day.

Need help handling all of those Thank You cards? We’ve got you covered with Waldograms! Upload your contacts and we will handle delivery and postage. Plus, your guests get the pictures they care about the most delivered straight to their phones with Waldo’s smart face-tagging technology that is able to match the guest with their pictures. (Don’t worry, you get all of the pictures.)

Final Thoughts

When sharing your wedding pictures with your guests, you will have a lot of options. Every platform offers a different experience for its audience, so you should consider how you plan to share on each. It can be helpful to use a combination of platforms to ensure that you can reach all of your guests. Using a platform like the Waldo Photos app is a great way to efficiently sort and share your wedding pictures with your guests. Plus, you can use the time you save to practice your handwriting for those special cards! Give Create your free WaldoWed account today to get started on your wedding album.