Save the Trees – Learn How a Video Guestbook Changes the Big Day

May 14, 2022
Save the Trees – Learn How a Video Guestbook Changes the Big Day

Your wedding is nothing short of a dream. From the glamour of your footsteps to the heartbeat of your wedding vows to the excitement of your reception – your big day is a story that deserves to be etched in history. 

You’ve been sculpting your big day for months, years even. So, naturally, you want to squeeze out every iota of memory from it. This includes the heartfelt wishes your loved ones send your way. 

If you’re eco-conscious (and your wedding preparations aren’t an enemy of the planet), you’re probably looking for something beyond paper. This is where the need for Waldo’s video guestbook comes in.

Your Wedding Guestbook Needs An Upgrade!

Weddings are beautiful. But after the ceremonies reach their fruition and the venue is deserted, what’s left is loads of waste – tossed paper products, flowers ending up in the garbage, and discarded food leftovers.

Avoiding a wasteful wedding doesn’t mean skipping the event or letting go of any exciting detail. If you’re all for the idea of lowering your wedding’s carbon footprint, you can probably consider the idea of a green wedding. 

From choosing a sustainable wedding gown to double-checking if your venue has a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certificate, planning a green wedding doesn’t have to be any more complicated than planning a regular wedding. While this is a discussion for later, chucking a paper guestbook contributes a great deal when you’re in the planning process.

In fact, a video guestbook outperforms a traditional one in more ways than you can imagine. Sure, it serves the purpose. Signing their name and scribbling a nice little message for the couples – guests know the wedding guestbook drill. While some guests will drop you a greeting, others might forget to sign, or worse, won’t be interested.

Waldo’s video guestbook will make sure your repository of wishes can be stored in digital safekeeping. You might want to access these memories whenever or wherever you like. But a traditional guestbook might fail to give you that freedom.

Aside from blending with your sustainable wedding preps, read on to know how our video guestbook is a wedding game-changer.

How Waldo’s Video Guestbook Saves the Day (and the Memories!)

With WaldoWed’s video guestbook feature, you can create a greeting for your guests. It then lets your guests record sweet and short video messages for you. The BIG difference between a regular guestbook and Waldo’s video guestbook is definitely the depth of expression. With the latter, guests can take their own time to create a thoughtful video instead of writing something in a rush. Here’s how WaldoWed’s video guestbook makes sharing greetings easy and valuable:

Guest who can’t attend can still get involved

Attendees who do not get to be physically present at your wedding can still get involved through their videos. Neither you nor they need to feel the blues of their absence when they’re already an important part of your guestbook.

Everyone gets to share their message

From your teary-eyed granny to your very special school friend, everyone would have their own little stories with you to share. But the wedding day is brief and passes by before you know it. While everybody can’t get on the stage and give out a speech, they can share their emotions through a video. Whether it’s an emotion-packed message or a humor-infused video, WaldoWed covers your loved ones’ special feelings and emotions.

Quick access whenever (and wherever) nostalgia strikes

Waldo’s video guestbook is timeless. Here, your guests’ wishes are permanently stored in a secure online space. Unlike a traditional guestbook that is vulnerable to wear and tear and also has a high chance of getting lost, Waldo’s guestbook will stay with you forever. 

You can access them each time you feel like visiting your wedding day. Whether you’re traveling or having a rough day at work – you should be able to go over the things that make you happy. Unlike a bulky guestbook that can’t be carried around, WaldoWed’s video guestbook lets you access your memories with just one tap!

A Treasure Chest of Memories At Your Fingertips

With all things falling into place for your gorgeous green wedding, you can add the final touch of Waldo’s video guestbook to the list. Did you know WaldoWed is also full of many other wedding day surprises?

In a nutshell, WaldoWed makes everything related to your wedding photos and videos effortless. It lets your guests snap and upload to your gallery from an iPhone, Android, or laptop, making sure no memory is lost. It also makes your post-nuptial life easier by automatically sending guests the photos they’re in.

Get WaldoWed on board to make sharing your memories effortless and help all your loved ones be an important part of your wedding (even if they can’t be physically present)!