Best Summer Camp Activities for Photos

June 8, 2023

Summer camp is the place to be as a photographer. It’s the perfect spot full of energy, happiness, and laughter. You’re sure to leave camp each day with awesome photos to share with your campers and their families at home. 

If you’re running a one man show when it comes to photographing the camp events, you inevitably won’t be able to capture everything. While every camp activity is unique and photographable in their own way, some events are better to capture than others. We have compiled a short list of camp activities we think you won’t want to miss as a photographer. 

No matter which camp activities you choose to photograph, the Waldo Photos app is the perfect resource for easily sharing all your photos with campers and their families. Only uploading your photos to the camps website has a high chance of them never being seen by most parents. Don’t let your awesome camp photos go to waste! Easily and simply share them by using Waldo Photos. 

Let’s jump into some of the best summer camp activities to photograph. 

Water Slides or Bounce House

If you’re photographing a summer camp, it’s likely they will have water slides, or a similar activity. Taking time to photograph campers racing down water slides, or jumping in a bounce house having fun together is a great way to capture all the smiles that parents will love. 

Ice Breaker Games 

Ice breaker games come in all shapes and sizes. Some ice breakers are high energy where you can capture the action shots, while other games are calmer and don’t require much physical activity. They’re simple, but a fun time to capture the campers having fun together. Even better for you as a photographer, they’re commonly played at camps, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to photograph the campers during ice breakers. 


You don’t want to miss capturing photos of tug-o-war. Campers will be split into teams and battle against each other to win the game. A competitive environment is inevitable and being able to photograph the campers competing and see their emotions through photos is a fun addition to your camp photo gallery. 

Kickball Tournament 

Talk about high energy! Kickball is the place to be for all the competition and action shots. You’re sure to capture many great action photos of the campers if you photograph a kickball game or two. Who knows, maybe you’ll even join in on the fun!

Arts and Crafts 

Be sure to capture the colorful moments of camp. Arts and crafts are likely to be an activity full of color and creativity. Taking photos of the campers working on their masterpieces and capturing photos of the completed art is a unique photo opportunity to share with camper parents.

Posed Campers

While not a specific event at summer camp, capturing posed photos of campers with their friends and camp staff is a great addition to your camp photo collection. Most camp activities are high energy and action photography. Taking some time to photograph intentional and posed photos of the camp attendees will create photos that will last a lifetime. Whether you choose to pose the campers in front of their cabins, down by the lake, or by the camp statue, photos of posed campers are something that campers and their parents will cherish. 

Campfire and S’mores

Having a campfire and s’mores is a summer camp classic. Your camp photo album wouldn’t be complete without photos around the campfire. Break out your camera at night time once it’s dark and the campers are surrounding the fire for a good time. You’re sure to capture some unique and fun moments of the campers around the campfire.

Chances are you have captured hundreds, likely thousands, of great camp photos.  The question is, how can you effectively distribute the awesome photos you took to the camper parents? The camper parents at home are likely anxiously awaiting to see photos of their kids smiling faces and having a good time at camp. One option would be you could upload all your photos to the camps website for parents to view. This requires relatively minimal effort on your end, but is a lot of effort for the parents. You likely have thousands of camp photos to upload to the camp website and parents could spend hours looking through all the photos trying to find their child. This could easily become frustrating for camp parents who want to see their child and would like to avoid spending so much time looking through photos of other children. 

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