2024 Summer Wedding Inspiration: Trending Ideas for Your Upcoming Nuptials

March 14, 2024
man and wife walking outside after just getting married with fake snow thrown at then for the beautiful photograph

Summer weddings have an inherent charm and magic. The warm glow of sunshine and vibrant colors make an already special moment even more magical. Keeping up with the trends can feel like nailing jelly to a wall. But fear not Waldo is Here! Here are the trending ideas for your upcoming nuptials.

Destination Weddings and Wedding Weekends

Destination weddings are about finding a corner of the world where the vibe fits what the two of you are about. Wedding weekends welcome hugs, late-night chats by a fire pit, and shared meals where stories are passed around like cherished gifts.

It’s about time – something we all wish we had more of with the people we care about. When you look back, you’ll remember a weekend when every moment felt like it mattered. It brings into focus what matters most: love, connections, and shared stories.

Candid Photos

A traditional photographer captures the beauty of the wedding. They tell the story of the entire wedding through their creativity. Candid photos help to tell the complete story. These shots capture the genuine emotions, laughter, and unscripted moments that make your wedding unique.

When it comes to capturing all the candid moments that you’ll cherish for decades, you want to enlist your guests, in addition to your professional photographer. Your professional photographer will capture many of them but they obviously can’t be everywhere at once.

However, your guests will often capture the candid moments throughout the wedding that your professional photographer didn’t snap. Check out the WaldoWed AI-powered app to help you centrally gather photos and videos from your guests and your professional photographer. The app is also great for sharing photos from all of your wedding events leading up to the big day.

Those are likely not covered by a professional photographer. You can create an unlimited number of albums in your gallery. This is great for engagement parties, bridal showers, and the like. You’ll love having your entire wedding season captured in a single gallery.

For your wedding day. WaldoWed is an excellent alternative to placing disposable cameras on your reception tables. Instead of using this outdated and environmentally harmful approach, you can leverage the power of QR codes to encourage your guests to capture candid moments using their smartphones.

The QR code signage allows guests to easily upload their candid shots to a shared gallery without needing to download the app. WaldoWed also allows you to upload your guest lists to the app in bulk and will send text reminders to your guests on the day of and the day after your wedding.

WaldoWed’s AI-powered tagging feature will automatically sort all your photos by the people found in them and text everyone the photos they’re in. Your friends and family will be spending a lot of money to be part of your special day, be dressed to the nines, and will love getting their photos from your wedding.

It is a really nice unexpected surprise and a nice gesture on your part. And it will save you valuable time as you won’t have to field photo requests from family and friends for months after your wedding.

Fancy Literature

Sharing your wedding details in a fun and exciting way is the latest trend that is picking up steam. Whether through unique wedding invitations or custom wedding newspapers, couples find exciting ways to share their incredible news.

You can embellish them with custom fonts, monograms, imageries, and anything that catches your fancy and add your custom QR code from WaldoWed to them.

Monochromatic Designs

A carefully curated palette of single hues or closely related tones will tie your celebration together with visual impact. Whether through meticulously chosen attire, harmonious floral arrangements, or tastefully arranged table settings and decorations, it adds a refined look. It can be the standout trend for summer 2024 weddings.

Entertainment Ideas

Weddings nowadays look beyond a DJ or band as their entertainment option. Nowadays, couples seek unique and immersive experiences to delight their guests. Magicians, drag performers, mixologists, fire breathers, dancers, and Celtic drummers are just a few examples of the talent couples hire to elevate their celebrations. These unexpected acts provide entertainment and create lasting memories and talking points for years.

Interactive Guest Experiences

Interactive guest experiences encourage participation and create lasting mementos. One trend gaining traction is an AI-powered photo gallery via apps like WaldoWed for guests to capture candid moments from their unique perspectives. They can create personalized messages or contribute their image to a live slideshow displayed during the wedding reception.

The WaldoWed app has a feature-rich slideshow editor. You can add a cover slide, a scrolling ticker tape message, set a background color, publish the QR code, and more. You can use it to give your guests new ways to participate in the wedding celebrations.

Instead of a paper guestbook, you can share a video guestbook via WaldoWed as well, where your wedding guests, and others who can’t make it, can leave heartfelt well-wishes in a video message. This video guestbook will form a keepsake sure to be cherished long after the wedding day.

Unique Food and Drink Experiences

You can hire gourmet food trucks to serve diverse global cuisines like tacos, BBQ, sushi, etc. It allows guests to sample different foods and adds fun. You can also set up interactive food stations where chefs prepare dishes right before guests. It could include pasta stations, ramen bars, guacamole carts, and more. It’s entertaining for guests and allows for customization.

Customized signature cocktails and champagne towers/walls are very popular on the drink side. You can work with mixologists to create personalized drinks. Champagne towers make for a striking visual display.

Some receptions follow a small plate or tapas-style concept, with roaming servers continuously offering bite-sized savory and sweet items throughout the evening.

Use of Technology

Today’s couples use technology to make their wedding more special, interactive, and less impactful on the environment. You can use drones to capture creative shots of the wedding, a video guestbook to capture heartfelt well-wishes from friends and family, and a live slideshow to engage your guests during your reception. And many are using digital save-the-dates and replacing traditional invites with e-invites to reduce waste.

Let WaldoWed help you capture your magical moments throughout your wedding season, engage your guests, and deliver your cherished memories to everyone who attends. Check out WaldoWed to learn how this cutting-edge app can elevate your wedding celebration.