The future of photo delivery

Welcome to WaldoResorts, an AI-powered photo platform that combines secure facial recognition with mobile photo delivery, enabling you to deliver photos in real-time to your guests.

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Increase your photo sales and reduce your costs

With Waldo’s mobile, AI-powered proof delivery and photo sales platform, you can boost your sales conversions and eliminate unnecessary labor and hardware costs.

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Photoprotection with FaceBlocker™

Waldo’s patented FaceBlocker™ technology helps you prevent screen captures and photo theft. Time to see that sales boost!

Read more about our patented mobile delivery here.

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Turn your guests into free social media influencers for your brand

Waldo delivers your guests’ moments in near real-time to their mobile devices with your branding. With one-tap social sharing, your branded photos will reach all the families that follow your guests.

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Stay connected and encourage return visits

Re-engage visitors through branded, personalized direct mail featuring your customers’ pics — printed and mailed for you. Personalize for birthdays or send bulk cards for special promotions, holidays, and more!

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No kiosks. No computers. No arm-bands.

Reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of your photo operation while increasing revenue. Waldo delivers guests’ photos in real time with automated mobile delivery.

Shutterbug albums are created by other Waldo users and are great for sharing your photos with your friends, family, and community you photograph.

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